RAD, in another form, was founded in Penang in February of 2006, which later led to its formal incorporation in April of 2007. What began as a company providing specialized instruments predominantly for failure analysis applications in the semiconductor industry quickly evolved into something transcending a mere provider of products and associated services – it is something best encapsulated by our motto: We Make It Work. A maxim that guides us on what we do for our clients, and how we do it; now and into the future.
We Make It Work means:


If you require specific equipment to fulfill particular needs, we will provide you with one that best suits those requirements.

If you have an instrument that needs fixing, we will help you improve it.

If you need your equipment modified or customized, we will engineer its solutions.

If you need something that does not exist, we will develop it.

If you have a process or procedure that needs improvement, we will help you look for a solution.

If you need knowledge, we will provide it.
In summary, we are here to help you to achieve your goals. Everything changes through time; products, techniques, technology, market demand, materials, ideas, and people.

But one thing that remains constant is our company motto and the purpose of guiding our principles on who we are and how we conduct ourselves by providing solutions to our valued customers.

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